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Key Issues In The Use Of ICT In Early Childhood Education

Key Issues In The Use Of ICT In Early Childhood Education

In the 21st century society, lives our dominated and influenced by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). These are becoming more embedded and ubiquitous in the environment around children to the extent that they are having a profound effect on all aspects of our lives.


One of the key ICT issues that this brings up is the fact that ICT is now being ‘taken for granted’.

The impact of technology in early childhood education can, like other sectors of child development be viewed through two different lenses. Negative effects of technology such as social and cognitive development are key concerns. On the other hand, benefits of ICT in early childhood education such as learning enhancement are powerful reasons. We will investigate these all.


In this article, you will learn how to dispel what some might say are the negative effects of technology in early childhood education so let us begin with these.

So what are the potential risks of using ICT in the early years? Today there is much literature to do with safety concerns when integrating ICT in preschool for example. It is important to note, when reading studies from these authors that they warn us about the risks and dangers of playing computer games.  They also lack information about the modern trends in ICT use in many innovative ECE centres (UNESCO, 2010).

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